The Problem

Your business puts a lot of time and energy into getting customers to make repeat purchases because you don’t have to spend money to reacquire them. But so many of your new customers just don’t convert after the first sale, no matter what emails and offers you put out there. That’s because you’re not going after the right consumers. You are getting customers, but not GREAT customers and you can’t hire a full team of data experts to dig in and find the best customer prospects.

All of this is compounded by the regulatory and technology privacy changes that make it even harder for marketing platforms to gather signal and optimize your campaigns for performance.

The Solution

That’s what Angler was built to solve. Angler is a Prospect Data Platform that optimizes your targeting at the top of the funnel to improve the likelihood that you are finding customers who will stay loyal to your business. We are able to leverage what we know about your best customers with proprietary databases and state of the art Artificial Intelligence modeling to give you better targeting segments. Furthermore, you can use Angler’s predictive signals to optimize all of your campaigns so you get more new customers that are likely to stick around.

Angler AI empowers you to leverage these insights in your paid acquisition and retention marketing efforts, granting you valuable access to prospects and customers who might otherwise be difficult to discover and acquire.

Shifting 5% of your new customers from those who will churn to those who will be your best customers will drive dramatically increased revenue through the following year as the right customers walk in the door and keep buying.

You will also see secondary metrics around your retention efforts improve as you get better quality customers to discover and fall in love with your products.

Who We Are

Angler was built by a team of expert Statisticians, Data Scientists and Engineers who have built these solutions for big brands like Fandango and GoodRx. We are now making these available for all businesses who want to improve customer retention by starting at the top of the funnel. Industries like mobile gaming have perfected the science of finding these consumers and Angler has been built so businesses like yours can take advantage of the same sophisticated tactics.

How It Works

Angler was also built to be easy to use. Link your data so that the Angler models can run the full analysis and you’ll be presented with a free dashboard full of insights and forecasts for how your current campaigns are performing relative to Lifetime Value. You can then easily build new targeting segments and push them to your favorite marketing platform. Campaigns are still managed in the platforms or through whatever third party service you choose.

Get Started Today

Angler is available in the Shopify App Store or click here to connect with our team to schedule a demo.